Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Behemoth

A few months ago, I received a request for a 1st birthday cake that had to feed a lot of people! It had to be a 3-tier tall cake, each tier having 3-4 layers within it. The bottom tier was 10", the middle tier was 8", and the top tier was 6". This would be by far the biggest cake I'd ever made so far! I was given a picture of how the tiers were to look like. So I tried my best to recreate that, but at the same time didn't want to copy every single detail.

The bottom tier was about 5" tall, and was covered in white buttercream icing. I gave it a blue Chevron fondant pattern.

The middle tier was about 4" tall, and the client wanted this covered in yellow icing with white dots. The dots were made by rolling out white fondant, and using the ends of a Wilton tip to cut out perfect circles.

The top tier was about 5" tall, and again covered in white icing. They wanted the letter V on a fondant plaque, since that was the birthday girl's initial. I encircled the middle of this tier with a blue fondant ribbon overlapping a yellow one. I used Wilton silicone molds to create pink and yellow fondant rose buttons to decorate the bottom of this tier.

They requested butterflies adorn the cake. I didn't want it to look too busy, so I just made a few. I rolled out purple gumpaste, pressed a butterfly stencil into it, cut it out, bent it in a way that looks like the butterfly is resting on a flower, and let it dry overnight. I then dusted it carefully with purple pearl dust (edible!) so that the details of the wings from the stencil would show. Each butterfly was carefully placed onto a tier.

Thee also wanted a fondant "1" at the top of the cake. This was also done ahead of time using gumpaste and toothpicks so that it could be stuck into the top and then easily removed once the cake was cut into. She also requested a flower on top, so I layered fondant rose petals (dried ahead of time) on top of each other.

The bottom of each tier was then piped with white dots to give it a completed look.

This one weighed a lot, and took two people to carry it to the car!


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