Sunday, February 23, 2014

Boys and their cars!

Another friend's son is turning two, and also loves cars! She saw the cake I made for Xavier (click here) and wanted something similar, except all in fondant.

I made a 2-tier cake, all vanilla, the top 6" and the bottom 8". I covered both in blue fondant and stacked them. The birthday theme was red, blue, and white so I stuck to this as much as I could.

The top tier resembled the air, so I cut out pieces of colored fondant to make planes, one pulling a banner saying "2". The other sides of the top tier had helicopters.

The bottom tier resembled the ground, so I lined the bottom of it with candy pebbled, and made fondant cars. As the mother requested, I made a stop sign with her son's name in it.

I wanted to make train tracks running around the edge of the cake, so I used shoelace licorice to create tracks.

Ariel View
I piped clouds on top, since this is where the candles were going

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