Sunday, March 6, 2011

Showered with Baby Booties

This cake was made for a coworker's baby shower. I made it with light green butter cream icing (mom-to-be doesn't know the gender of the baby). Circling the cake on the sides is a clothesline with clothes and the word "baby" hung with pins. I piped green grass at the base of the cake. To make it look more "baby shower"-ish, I made white baby booties out of gumpaste and piped yellow laces out of royal icing.

The baby room's theme is "jungle safari" and is currently covered with jungle and zoo animals. I made a few animals out of gumpaste and meant for them to top the cake. However, it didn't work out that way as I liked the baby shoes on top of the cake. So the animals (baby frog, baby elephant, and baby lion) were put on the cake stand.

To display the cupcakes and cakes in a new way, I made this cake stand a few weeks ago. I covered it with baby gift wrap and circled it with green ribbon.

This is what the cake stand looked like at the baby shower - covered with cupcakes, cake, and gumpaste animals.

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