Monday, March 24, 2014

Woodland Creatures

Reena is Three!

Her party was a Woodlands theme, and her mom wanted me to make an ombre rosette cake. I have seen these on Pinterest and have been dying to try it out!

This was a 8" round vanilla cake, but was really tall and had 4 layers of cake inside! It was a little tricky getting the right shades of brown. At first, I was going to make two-toned rosettes (white/brown) and attempted to do that for the bottom darker rosettes. I didn't like how they turned out, so continued to do the rest of the cake with just single-toned rosettes.

Ariel View

Reena's mom (aka Sophie's mom) is an awesome party decorator - look what she did!!
(photos courtesy of their mom, Nivetha Yogeswaran)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Boys and their cars!

Another friend's son is turning two, and also loves cars! She saw the cake I made for Xavier (click here) and wanted something similar, except all in fondant.

I made a 2-tier cake, all vanilla, the top 6" and the bottom 8". I covered both in blue fondant and stacked them. The birthday theme was red, blue, and white so I stuck to this as much as I could.

The top tier resembled the air, so I cut out pieces of colored fondant to make planes, one pulling a banner saying "2". The other sides of the top tier had helicopters.

The bottom tier resembled the ground, so I lined the bottom of it with candy pebbled, and made fondant cars. As the mother requested, I made a stop sign with her son's name in it.

I wanted to make train tracks running around the edge of the cake, so I used shoelace licorice to create tracks.

Ariel View
I piped clouds on top, since this is where the candles were going

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made these for work: red velvet cake balls and mini cupcakes!
The mini cupcakes are topped with a swirl of cream cheese icing and a candy heart.
The cake balls were dipped into melted white chocolate and drizzled with pink icing.

Since I have many of my coworkers on Facebook, I posted the picture below with a description reading "for those of you who work with me, these will be waiting for you in the morning!" :)

I also made chocolate-covered strawberries for lunchtime dessert, because who doesn't love fruit DIPPED in chocolate?? The things I do for the people I love...yup, i'm looking at you!! teehee <3

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Planes Trains & Automobiles

Xavier is turning two, and of course like most little boys, is in love with all things cars!! So I made him this 8" round cake covered in buttercream icing and adorned with fondant automobiles.
Each one had multiple pieces to it (i.e. wings, wheels, windows), so I had to cut out different parts of colored rolled fondant before I could put the pieces together on the cake.

Top of the cake

Xavier's Train
I piped on the letters



Fire Truck
I piped on the black ladder

Pickup Truck

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sophie is One!

You might remember the baby shower cake I made for Sophie last year. (If not, click here.) Well, now Sophie is 1 and celebrating her birthday in grand sailor fashion.  The color scheme was pink, navy blue, and white, and there were lots to do!

First, I made marshmallow pops. Ahead of time, I took mint lifesaver candy and painted them with edible ink to resemble life preservers. Then I took marshmallows and stuck them into one end of a decorative straw. I dipped half the marshmallow lot into melted pink chocolate, and the other half of the lot into melted navy blue chocolate (this was white chocolate wafers melted down using the double boiler method, and then added food coloring afterwards). Then I added sprinkles and the lifesaver candy on top before the chocolate coating could fully dry.
I like how these turned out and would opt to do these again in the future!

Second, I made vanilla cupcakes topped with a pink buttercream swirl and white sprinkles. They turned out more coral than pink but with the cupcake wrapper and sprinkles, it still looked good.

Third, and possibly most difficult of all, I had to do a cake! I was excited about this one though, because I knew ahead of time what I was going to do. Sophie's mom had shown me a picture ahead of time of what she wanted the cake to look like. I made the bottom tier (8" round) vanilla , and the top tier (6" round) chocolate. I covered them both in pink fondant .. it was difficult this time as the fondant was heavy and started to rip as soon as I put it on the cake.

While decorating, outside the weather was turning bad (it would turn out to be the weekend of freezing rain, city-wide power outages, and lots of downed trees!). However, with the ripping fondant and softening buttercream on the cake, I had to go out to the store and get more fondant. So yes I drove in freezing rain - lesson learned: stock up on fondant!! :p

So back to the cake - I was able to finally get the cakes covered and stacked. I decorated the bottom tier with vertical stripes of white fondant. Then I took two strips of white fondant, rolled them out into long worm-like strings, and then carefully intertwined them making sure they didn't tear. This makes the rope look. I draped these at the bottom of each tier. I cut out a piece of fondant, and with navy blue edible ink, I painted on the number "1" and stuck this to the front of the cake.

Ahead of time, I had created a navy blue anchor out of gumpaste. This had since dried and hardened so I placed it at the bottom of the cake, resting along the ropes. I had also made parts of the sailboat and now put them together on the top tier.  The mast of the sailboat is actually a thin popsicle stick (from the craft store) used for support, and painted in edible navy blue ink. The sailboat was stuck onto the cake using buttercream icing.

Sophie's mom has a knack for decorating and was featured in a blog (along with my cake)!


Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Direction is the Story of My Life!!

One Direction just released another album, so of course with a preteen birthday coming up...she wants a One Direction cake!! I'm not sure how much more of these guys I can take, but I love this kid so I will oblige! :) I'm kidding, I like some of their songs, its been growing on me. Especially their new one, Story of My Life.

This chocolate cake is 8" round, and has 2-layers in it. I covered it in rolled black fondant. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and went on well on the first try. Yesterday, I cut out the letters to "one direction" as well as all the band members' names and left them overnight to dry and harden. I put the boys' names around the sides, separated by a white fondant heart. I also lined the bottom of the cake with a white fondant ribbon.

The top of the cake was trickier since I had to do to logo! I cut out "1D" from rolled fondant, and stuck it to the cake using a dab of water. I used black edible ink and a thin stiff paintbrush to draw in the markings (just like the official logo has). Lastly, I piped "Happy Birthday Pragathi" right onto the cakeboard. I took it to the party with the lazy Susan turntable; this way you could spin it and see all the names on the sides.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Diwali!

Today in my culture, it's Diwali - the Festival of Lights. After lighting up the outside of the family home with candles and lamps (as per custom!), I decided to make a cheesecake! Ok, I had a craving. I just had to indulge!

I had a box of Smarties and since I was already in the decorating mood, I decided to decorate my cheesecake. YUM!! Happy Diwali! :)