Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A little someone new!

You may recall in March 2011 I made a baby shower cake (read about it here) for a friend. Well, now she and her husband are on baby #2! Again, they decided to wait to find out the gender of the baby so I decided to do a "pink or blue, we welcome you" cake for the little one.

I wanted to make it a little different, and I enjoy creating fondant cake toppers, so I decided to have a baby stork sitting next to a sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket. This cake was two layers..the top layer was blue, the bottom layer was pink, separated by a thin layer of buttercream icing.

The fondant stork was a little challenging and took a few days to dry since I did not add gumpaste to it (I was out!). I used a toothpick in the middle of the body to hold it all together. The legs and beak were inserted later after they had dried more. I added little bits of white fondant hair, and thin printed wings to his back. His eyes are made from black edible ink.

This is an ariel view of the cake. As you can see, I have the stork and baby sitting on a thin white fondant "carpet" imprinted with hearts, using a heart cookie cutter. The letters were done with the help of Tappits letter cutters.

A closeup of the stork and sleeping (snoring?) baby.

A side view of the cake. I lined the side with four pink fondant bows and four blue fondant bows. Then strung together pink/blue twisted fondant ribbon in between every other bow, attached to the cake with a dab of buttercream icing.

Baby Update: Baby Sophie came into the world December 18, 2012!!

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