Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's Christmas Time!!

Ok, Christmas was actually last week..but i'm just now getting to posting things! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and hope Santa was good to you! And while i'm at it..happy new year!!

This Christmas I didn't bake as many cookies or decorate as many cupcakes but instead have been addicted to Pintrest and decided to get in touch with my crafty side!

One idea I found was to make homemade "ready hot cocoa in a jar". I got a couple of mason jars from the store, washed, and dried them extremely well since the contents could be sitting inside for a few months. I filled each jar with 10 tablespoons of cocoa powder (2 tbsps per cup of cocoa, so this jar would give someone 5 cups of hot cocoa!) and topped the remaining space with mini marshmallows to make their cup that much sweeter. I sealed each jar, and wrapped it with twine to give it a finished rustic touch. I also attached a few labels to make it more personalized.

A head of time, I had created "how-to use" instruction labels. I printed this onto carkstock paper and "laminted" it with tape (this way, if the jars ever came in contact with water, the labels would be undamaged). The first label says "Hot Chocolate", and if you move that to a side the label behind reads, "Scoop two tbsp of cocoa powder into your favorite cup. Add 175mL of hot water or hot milk. Stir well. Enjoy! Makes 5 cups"

The other side of the jar had another label wishing the special friend a Merry Christmas! This tag was found on Pintrest.

 I only made a few jars but think in the future this would be great take-home present at Christmas parties.

Christmas just isn't Christmas without some sort of cupcake! I made this cupcake for a friend..she specifically requested a purple and green snowflake cupcake and probably thought I'd forget all about it! I topped a vanilla cupcake with a green buttercream swirl, added a few red/green sprinkles. Then i cut out a 2" fondant circle and piped a purlpe snowflake on top. When this was dry I placed it ontop of the cupcake!

 A side view.

 I decided to get a cucpake box and (again with the twine) decided to give it a handle so she can take it home easier. I also strung a Pintrest-found tag through the twine to make it personal.

Another friend wanted a snowman cupcake, and he too probably thought I'd forget all about it! I found this idea and thought it was the cutest also went with the fact that we had yet to receive a bucket full of snow, so any snowman out there was sure to be melting!! I probably should have made him with a scared face..but wheres the Christmas spirit in that?!

This cupcake was also vanilla, topped with white buttercream icing. The face is a large marshmallow with piped black icing for the eyes/smile and a little orange for his carrot nose. 
He also got its own little box with personalized tag.

I liked this idea so much I decided to replicate it. I was going to a Christmas party where there would be lots of kids..all of whom were missing the fun of snow. So thought this would be great!

By the time these cupcakes made it to the party in its sealed container, the marshmallow had softened and become gooey without the decoration melting or coming off...which the kids found even more enjoyable!!

Merry Christmas!

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