Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Direction is the Story of My Life!!

One Direction just released another album, so of course with a preteen birthday coming up...she wants a One Direction cake!! I'm not sure how much more of these guys I can take, but I love this kid so I will oblige! :) I'm kidding, I like some of their songs, its been growing on me. Especially their new one, Story of My Life.

This chocolate cake is 8" round, and has 2-layers in it. I covered it in rolled black fondant. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and went on well on the first try. Yesterday, I cut out the letters to "one direction" as well as all the band members' names and left them overnight to dry and harden. I put the boys' names around the sides, separated by a white fondant heart. I also lined the bottom of the cake with a white fondant ribbon.

The top of the cake was trickier since I had to do to logo! I cut out "1D" from rolled fondant, and stuck it to the cake using a dab of water. I used black edible ink and a thin stiff paintbrush to draw in the markings (just like the official logo has). Lastly, I piped "Happy Birthday Pragathi" right onto the cakeboard. I took it to the party with the lazy Susan turntable; this way you could spin it and see all the names on the sides.

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