Saturday, May 25, 2013

Breakfast At Tiffany's

The theme for a friend's bridal shower was Breakfast At Tiffany's. Her bridesmaids requested 24 regular cupcakes, 50 mini cupcakes, and a two-tier gift box cake.

The regular cupcakes were red velvet (bride's favorite), iced with a Tiffany Blue buttercream icing swirl, and topped with a white fondant bow. Each bow is handmade (that's why they look a little bit different from each other!).

A close-up of the cupcake

Each of the mini cupcakes (also red velvet) were easier to make, since they just required a dollop of Tiffany Blue icing. I found it to be more elegant to pipe out the bow with white icing.

The cake was supposed to be two-tier, but wasn't going to feed that many people. I suggested the top tier be made of Styrofoam, and the bottom tier be edible. The bottom tier was a 9" square vanilla cake, with a 5" square Styrofoam dummy on top. I covered the top and bottom tiers in Tiffany Blue icing, and laced it with white fondant ribbon to resemble gift wrap. I made the top bow from scratch using half fondant / half gumpaste, and piped the edge of the bottom tier with white pearl-like buttercream  dots, hoping this would add to the elegance factor.

Top View, the finished bow

I hand-wrote the sign on a piece of hardened fondant (cut with a scalloped cookie cutter and left to dry overnight), using edible black ink and a thin stiff paintbrush. I thought this would give it a neater, finished look rather than piping out the phrase with black icing.

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