Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oreo Cupcakes

I wanted to try something new today! I crushed up about 12 oreo cookies and put them into my regular cake batter. I then placed half an Oreo cookie (icing side up) into each baking cup before pouring the batter in. I also wanted to try my hand at making my own creamcheese icing (which turned out great) but was a little too sweet with the Oreo cupcake. The Oreo at the bottom moulded with the cupcake and was really soft.
One thing I would change -- I would add the Oreo bits to the top of the batter AFTER you pour it into the baking cups. This way, the bits don't sink to the bottom. And i'll keep the creamcheese icing to the carrot muffins :)

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