Sunday, October 2, 2011

Got the bloggin' shoes on!

Yes I know, I haven't blogged in forever. I'm horrible! Hopefully this makes up for it!

Let's see...i'll take you back to April 2011. My grandma makes the best toffee in the world. So of course when she visited, she whipped up a batch for me! I swear I have to learn it..its like an intricate art. A delicate blend of condensed milk and sugar and some other stuff. The dentist loves us. To the right is the 1st and 2nd generation working hard as I of course run to get the camera =p

And the finished product:

Fast forward to May 6, 2011 --> my good friend and coworker turned 26! She loves history and mentioned a few months prior that her favorite battle was the "Battle of the Plains of Abraham". She knew I would make whatever cake she wanted - I swear this way she would make sure I educated myself on some good old Canadian history. So I did. And found that it was a mere 15 minute battle which led to England defeating France to claim Canada. I'm glad I did this cake, I finally got to work on some figurines!

May 28, 2011 - I took a Wedding Cakes course which I must say I was VERY excited about! I learned how to make a bow, and ribbon roses from fondant. This was the result after 4 hours.

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